How Many Vacation Days Do You Need?

Summer is finally here, and like you, many of us in corporate America are eagerly anticipating using some of our precious vacation days. Spending time with family and friends, maybe soaking up the sun at the beach, losing yourself in a few good books, or doing whatever you enjoy to decompress from the workplace stress.

Paid vacation time is important for employees and at times feels like there is never enough. The amount of paid vacation days an employer offers is a critical benefit not only for recruiting new employees and attracting talent, but it is also important for employee retention. For employers, especially small to mid-sized businesses, there is a tradeoff that happens between the amount of paid time off offered to satisfy employees versus the cost to the business. So what is that optimal number of vacation days? REPASS wanted to know as well. Here’s what we found. Read more

Respect The Respondent

impatient-doctor-checking-his-watchI recently had two telephone in-depth interview projects going on at the same time.  Both were with physicians, but different specialty areas and different topics of discussion.  Both also included screen sharing information with the respondent, which can be a challenge for less technically inclined physicians.  My work days (and evenings) were busy and a bit disjointed.  Physician interviews were scattered throughout the day and evening, and I was still managing a variety of other projects.  When I heard my computer ding (and my phone buzz) to remind me I had a physician interview coming up in 15 minutes, I would get ready.

Something strange happened in a recent interview that changed the way I think about the respondent when designing research… Read more