Marketers: The New Chiefs of Business Technology

Back view image of young businessman standing against business sketch

When it comes to marketing technology decisions, IT is no longer king. Traditionally, all information technology was within the IT Department’s control. The IT Department served as the gatekeeper, innovations tracker, and regulator of all hardware and software used within a company. This responsibility is no longer feasible for many IT departments in a world where every inquiry, customer contact, and sale generates data that can be mined by companies to increase revenues.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal column written by George F. Colony, Chairman and CEO of Forrester Research, CIOs face the “Age of the Consumer”, the share of IT budgets spent on internally-focused initiatives is rapidly decreasing. Funds are shifting to technology that can attract, win, and build customer loyalty – responsibilities owned by the marketing department.

Marketing executives recently interviewed for a study sponsored by REPASS® | Research . Strategic Consulting and gyro, believe they know more about marketing technology than their IT colleagues. Read more