Quick List Tuesday May 3, 2016

Best piece of advice received this week — 
To make our beds! Every single day. This advice comes from a 2014 commencement speech at the University of Texas at Austin given by Admiral William McHaven. Admiral McHaven challenges us to change lives. We think that’s important, too. We think it’s a part of our business. To change lives of employees and clients through servant leadership. To change the lives of consumers for whom our clients design products and services. This video is worth the 20 minutes to watch. Watch it this week.

What we’re sharing this week–  
We have lots of road warriors on our team. With focus groups taking place all over the country almost weekly, we are always up for making life on the road as easy as possible. When it comes to tricks and tips of life on the road, we found this article by Scott McCartney, of the Wall Street Journal, very insightful.

What we’re thinking about — 
The digital landscape is having a drastic impact on market research. It’s a constant change. And finding a way to stay current and provide quality research is something we take seriously. It’s one of our strengths. From qualboards to online video diaries, advisory boards and social media analysis, we are seeing greater use and acceptance of these methods. The ease of use and flexibility resonates with respondents and delivers a different level of insight. Interestingly, though, we’re also finding stronger embrace of non-tech client collaboration. That’s right. Less email and more face time. Ranging from ideation workshops (often with consumers), strategy workshops, and more, there is a greater realization in the value of slowing down and rolling up our sleeves for deeper thinking.  Check out one of our original blog posts on this topic.

Quote we’re pondering —
“Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.” – Zig Ziglar