Quick List Tuesday July 5, 2016

Our newest issue of the Quick List, a bi-monthly summary of what’s happening in marketing research and new happenings at REPASS.

What we are talking about this week —
Because we are all about the art of storytelling, we loved this Ted Talk on understanding how your brain sees the world around it. It’s fascinating. Not only because we’re interested in understanding how people see the world, but because it’s critical for researchers and marketers to consider how people take in information and create meaning.  Check it out.

What we’re sharing this week– 
And in case you missed it, check out our most recent blog post on storytelling. We believe it’s the stories we tell that define us. Being able to tell a story properly to your audience – whether that’s your employees, co-workers, executive leadership, or your friends –can make all the difference in getting that message across.

What we’re baffled by—
This week we found out that the Amazon Echo can now accept orders. Yes, you read that correctly. Sure, the orders have to be Amazon Prime eligible, but the fact that you can verbally order something through the Echo device is bananas. Maybe their same day drone delivery isn’t as far as away as we thought?

Quote we’re pondering —
“Don’t forget— no one sees the world the way you do, so no one can tell the stories that you have to tell.” Charles De Lint

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Will Krieger
Vice President, Insights