Quick List: Strategy Facilitation at your Service

What we excited about this week —
We have many strengths at REPASS, but an area where we really excel is our strategy facilitation. Whether it’s a small advisory board or over a 100 people developing a task force, we enjoy the opportunity to help our clients strategize and see the future. Take a look to see if this service is something your team could benefit from.

What we are thinking about– 
The election. So much has changed in our society over the past decade. As we approach the election, we reflect on this article from Pew Research that examines demographic shifts impacting this election and beyond. When you triangulate that data with the idea of rising individualism – see article from Russ Klein, CEO of the American Marketing Association – we start to see our new reality. These are the trends we must anticipate for the future of our work and our brand(s).

What we’re working on—
Getting those “Aha” moments when doing qualitative research. Because without at least one of those moments, the research can end up feeling a little anti-climatic. We work really hard to get those nuggets, to tap into what, how, and why consumers are thinking a certain way. We stumbled upon this article by Jeffrey Henning which takes a look at 8 projective techniques, including many of our favorites, to get respondents talking.

Quote we’re pondering —
“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein

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Will Krieger