Quick List: Harnessing Positive Energy at Work

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In case you missed our last edition of the Quick List, take a look…

What we are practicing this week —
Building positive energy. Because who doesn’t need more of this in their life? Outside of the day-to-day, the election, the news, the protests, and more have clearly created stress across the board. Stress can creep into our work and wreak havoc. Actively working to bring more positivity into your professional life (and your teams’ lives) will have a far-reaching impact. Check out these research-based tips on six ways to build a more positive workplace.

What we are thinking about this week– 
Polls. It’s virtually impossible to get through the last week and not wonder how in the world the pollsters seemed to get this election so wrong. It was a tight race, and polls were within margin of error. Rarely was there discussion of margin of error, typically in the 3-4% range. This margin has a great impact on presidential races, but it’s accuracy is perfectly good for marketing purposes. We really appreciated this article from AdAge taking a closer look at polling in the presidential election.

What we’re sharing with you—
Daily inspiration. You are what you think you are and you tend to think what you tell yourself. Feeding our minds with positive messages and motivation is a big part of our culture around here, and we want to share a little of that with you. Download our free mobile and desktop backgrounds hereWhen you’re done exploring, you’re finished.

Quote we’re pondering —
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi

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Will Krieger