Quick List: Does Empathy Really Matter?

Our newest issue of the Quick List, a bi-monthly summary of what’s happening in marketing research and new happenings at REPASS.

Our focus this week (and every week) #GoBeyond
It’s an ongoing mission for us to “Go Beyond.” We are constantly searching and experimenting with ways to provide more value to clients. Sometimes this means taking risks to find breakthroughs. We believe that the only way to help you, and our clients, to move forward is for us to push the boundaries of our work. To not only help identify and explore problems, but find solutions and illuminate the path forward. In order to do this, though, we believe the most important part of our work starts with listening.

What we’re thinking about this week #Empathy
Empathy. It’s certainly picking up steam as a marketing buzzword in 2017. We saw it in the election, it played out during the Super Bowl, and you can bet you’ll be hearing more and more about empathy marketing in the months to come.  But, we think it’s something that can be easily misused if not careful. Take a look at this Guide to Empathy by Kevin McKeon.

What we’re dissecting this week – 
Are you “connecting” with your customer base? If not, you might want to consider putting yourself in their shoes. When you try to see life from their perspective you’ll be able to approach solutions differently. That’s why empathetic content marketing is such a powerful strategy for businesses. Check out these 9 genius examples of empathetic content marketing in action.

Quote we’re pondering —
“Empathy is about connection; sympathy is about separation.” – Brene Brown

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Will Krieger
SVP, Client Engagement

Will Krieger