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Quick List: Does Empathy Really Matter?

Our newest issue of the Quick List, a bi-monthly summary of what’s happening in marketing research and new happenings at REPASS. Our focus this week (and every week) #GoBeyond — It’s an ongoing mission for us to “Go Beyond.” We are constantly searching and experimenting with ways to provide more value to clients. Sometimes this means […]

Joining World-Class Collaborative of Boutique Research Firms

We are pleased to announce that REPASS® Research and Strategic Consulting is entering a new era. REPASS recently accepted the terms to be acquired by Research America, Inc. Research America was founded more than 35 years ago in Philadelphia. REPASS is the 12th company to join the Research America family, creating a world-class collaborative of […]

Quick List: Harnessing Positive Energy at Work

  In case you missed our last edition of the Quick List, take a look… What we are practicing this week — Building positive energy. Because who doesn’t need more of this in their life? Outside of the day-to-day, the election, the news, the protests, and more have clearly created stress across the board. Stress […]

Quick List: Strategy Facilitation at your Service

What we excited about this week — We have many strengths at REPASS, but an area where we really excel is our strategy facilitation. Whether it’s a small advisory board or over a 100 people developing a task force, we enjoy the opportunity to help our clients strategize and see the future. Take a look […]

Quick List Tuesday: Knowing What’s Coming

What we said “Wow!” to this week — Now that’s what we call solid research! Stanford University is heading up a One Hundred Year Study on artificial intelligence (100 years! Yep, you read that right). The study panel reviews AI’s progress every five years to assess the current state of AI. The studies are expected […]

Lean In

  We all have hard days. And as with most things, it seems that often times, when it rains, it pours. When this happens in our personal lives, it’s a lot easier. We can stick our head in the sand (not that we would recommend that), but when it happens in our professional space, you […]

Quick List: When our customers grow, we grow

  Our newest issue of the Quick List, a bi-monthly summary of what’s happening in marketing research and new happenings at REPASS   What we are celebrating this week — News that for the second year in a row, REPASS has made the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. This would […]

Handcrafted Insights

  A good research company will make an insight appear as if it was out of thin air. Some presented so simply that teams wonder how they could have ever believed something different. With the emergence of big data and automation (and, coming soon, artificial intelligence), I’m afraid many lose sight of the work and […]

Obtaining Deep Consumer Insights from Surveys Takes Some Creativity

Last week I attended a webinar about keeping online qualitative respondents engaged by using projective techniques.  There is quite a bit of art that goes along with the science of qualitative research, so it seems creativity and qualitative insights naturally fit together.  Quantitative methodologies, on the other hand, require rigor to ensure validity and reliability.  […]