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Quick List: Ideation and Vision Casting

What we’re excited about this week — Getting the chance to spend time with other researchers and share our thoughts on using market research techniques for innovation and product development. We are presenting at a conference hosted by the Market Research Exchange this week and sharing 1) why market researchers should lead the way for […]

Quick List: The Most Powerful Stories in Healthcare

  What we are savoring this week — You know when you absolutely love what you’re doing, and you just feel pumped about it? That’s the type of week we are having. We are in the middle of a multi-phase qualitative project that includes an ethnographic study. There is something incredibly special about being invited […]

Listening to Understand

    There is a true power to listening. A power and force that goes beyond learning to deep understanding. I’m not talking about listening the way many of us think about listening today. I’m referring to real, attentive, leaning-forward-in-my-seat, I want to know you and your point-of-view listening. When you listen in this way, […]

Quick List Tuesday May 17, 2016

Our newest issue of the Quick List, a bi-monthly summary of what’s happening in marketing research and new happenings at REPASS. What we are excited about this week — It’s not every day that our CEO is featured in national news coverage. Loved listening to Rex Repass share his thoughts about the changing political landscape, especially […]

Quick List Tuesday May 3, 2016

Best piece of advice received this week —  To make our beds! Every single day. This advice comes from a 2014 commencement speech at the University of Texas at Austin given by Admiral William McHaven. Admiral McHaven challenges us to change lives. We think that’s important, too. We think it’s a part of our business. To change […]

Lessons from the Playground

    A social experiment was conducted years ago. The lessons demonstrate the value of constraints in thinking creatively. Two groups of children were studied. This first group was directed to a playground without a fence. The second group directed to a playground enclosed by a fence. Researchers discovered that children in the first group […]

Quick List Tuesday April 19th, 2016

What we’re talking about this week —  What would you miss if you weren’t doing research anymore? One of our team members left the field for ten years and shared what she missed most in our latest blog. If you’re a true researcher, you will love #4… What we’re listening to–   Podcasts. In all shapes, sizes, […]

What I Missed Most When I Left Market Research

  I have a confession to make. When I left the market research field, I was a bit burned out and did not think I would ever come back. I’d worked on the supplier side as well as the client side. I was employed by both big companies and small companies. And I thought I […]

Quick List Tuesday April, 5 2016

Our newest issue of the Quick List, a bi-monthly summary of what’s happening in marketing research and new happenings at REPASS. What we’re talking about this week — Have you had a chance to check out, My Favorite Questions, the latest blog post? Would you believe we wrote it all in questions? What we’re reading–  We […]