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Data Breaches Have Little Impact on Consumer Behavior

News of hackers stealing customer information from all types of businesses seems to be an almost monthly occurrence.  From the most recent hack of patient information from Anthem, a major health insurance provider, to the massive breach of payment information from Target just before the holidays in 2013, consumers are more aware than ever that […]

The World is Changing

The world is changing. It always has been, and it always will. As it turns, will you be ready? Will your organization have the courage to re-learn, change, shift, and make anew? Too often, we talk about how the consumer mindset is changing. Naturally, the movement to the digital landscape provides a clear example. The […]

We’ve joined the Blogconomy

It’s hard to ignore blogs these days. And, in fact, it doesn’t seem like many of us even try to. We actually rely on blogs and trust the solutions and ideas they present. We respond to the emotions they make us feel, and we are subconsciously influenced by them. Let’s consider these blog statistics from […]