CLIENT: West Virginia Lottery

Concept Testing


After testing instant game concepts by focus groups for more than a decade, the client was in need of a new quantitative method for testing instant game concepts. REPASS was contacted and asked to find a statistically representative approach to evaluating multiple concepts.

The work

Working with the Lottery’s product development team and instant game vendor, REPASS designed and implemented its TicketTester™ methodology to meet the stated objectives of the research.  TicketTester is a proprietary methodology developed by REPASS to quantify instant game purchase intent based on game themes and price points.  In addition, it is an interactive online survey experience for respondents in which they virtually scratch off instant game tickets. Using a sequential monadic design, lottery game player segments were asked to evaluate multiple game concepts.

The result

This method optimized game development, vendor purchase volume, and retail distribution. In the first full year using this method, research findings contributed to an 8.5% growth of instant ticket sales and continues to support the more the than $100 million instant ticket sales annually for the West Virginia Lottery.